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Tabang Bikol joins LGU Canaman planning for comprehensive devrlopment

Some Insights into the process and outcome of the LGU Canaman development planning

  1. A positive development in the practice of participatory governance at the local municipal level
  2. For the first time, more LGU mid-level service personnel participated
  3. 10 CSOs including Tabang Bikol Movement invited to participate
  4. Mayor and Municipal council in full attendance for the whole 3 days at a downtown/ city commercial establishment (outside Canaman)
  5. Development framework & planning spearheaded by provincial and local DILG/MPD office anchored on the traditional Visioning adopted by the LGU decades ago – “citadel of Bicol culture, progressive and God-fearing, excellent leadership…
  6. Goal setting and Planning contextualized and measured in terms of the United Nations SDG, where Canaman is now, being a 4th class municipality..
  7. As a result, identified priority goals transformed into projects and categorized into urgent or necessary etc
  8. As in past development plans, the same projects appear as urgent again..
  9. Most revealing and obvious is Canaman at this time after 10 development plans, still doesn’t have its own fire truck and station, no public cemetery, no developed source of potable water, no effective drainage system, no defined CLUP, no effective functioning MRF, no public market, no program for revenue generation, no public toilets, growing # of urban poor, no developed industry, madaming basics na wala… para sa isang lungsod na kapitbahay lang ang Naga city, CamSur’s premier city… a big irony..
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