Press Conference on BACK TO NATURE and RECOVERING FROM DISASTER: Backyard to Table and Industry

TABANG Bikol Movement (TBM) in partnership w/ DSWD Region 5 and DA Region 5 conducts a Press Conference on BACK TO NATURE and RECOVERING FROM DISASTER: Backyard to Table and Industry last July 7, 2017, 3:00 pm at the Mariners Tourism and Hotel Institute (MTHI) Panganiban, Naga City.  

This is in pursuit of the innovative project towards establishing a FOOD and HEALTH Tourism Corridor in Camarines Sur that TABANG Bikol Movement together with DSWD and Dept of Agriculture region 5 envisions with focus production of basic ingredients for the increasingly popular STRESS Relief oils and brain booster E-SENSE and nature-sourced mineral food Quantumin that are now being used as part of alternative medicine.  These focus raw materials are now being grown and will be massively planted around backyards and arable lands by and among poor farming families hit by the last typhoon in the region to promote health and provide healthy food on the table and building a health-based sustainable agri-industry in Bicol.  Growing natural healing and healthy plants and vegetables along with organic farming will help develop the envisioned Agri-Tourism Corridor for Health in Bicol in partnership with DSWD and DA as well as CSOs, NGOs and POs among farmers beginning with the Camarines Sur municipalities and City of Naga.  OrganiKo Bikolano partners as the socio-economic arm in this sustainable health-based livelihood.

Tabang Bikol Movement Press Con w/Guests E-sense formulator Mr. Jun Ingles, Quantumin founder Dra. Delia Maceda & Commo Dante Jimenez and Tabang Bikol and Organiko Board members.

Dra. Delia Maceda, the inventor of a potent natural healing food volcanic-sourced mineral, Quantumin talked about her product and how it works on our body.

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