Resin and Fiber Glass Seminar

DTI invited Tabang Bikol to send a participant to the Resin and Fiber Glass Seminar held last Sept 24-25 at BISCAST. Resin is vital for ship or boat building as a strong adhesive to fiberglass materials. Tabang Bikol Movement has endorsed the engineering department of Mariners involved in naval architecture and shipbuilding to send one trainee with free registration. For info, the bark of pili tree produces resin. Also known as Manila elemi, pili resin has a wide range of uses in pharmaceuticals, printing and perfume industries and as a strong adhesive. Averaging 20 m tall, pili trees produce sturdy resinous wood that can withstand strong winds. It has potential resins that could be a possible substitute for synthetic adhesives; its sap can be processed into paint, adhesives and printing ink. Resins can be used for manufacature as plaster, lacquer, and varnish adhesive.


2nd Canaman CSO Conference/Consultation

September 7, 2019
Jaime’s Multi-purpose Hall, MPCF Canaman,
Baras, Canaman, Camarines Sur